What Was the Large Popp Noise I Heard?

Five weeks post op, inflammatory crease incision partial submuscular placement of silicone breast implants. Midway last week my partner leaned on top of my left breast implant while lying down and I heard a large pop noise. I weight is about 110 pounds and 5'6 height I am quite tiny, my partner's weight is about 210 pounds. I have an upcoming post op check scheduled with my plastic surgeon in late August upon his return from vacation. What was this noise?

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Popping noise from implants

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It is possible that you felt a pop of air or fluid between the implant and your soft tissue.  This is not uncommon and will resolve spontaneously over the coming weeks.  Nothing to worry about unless the implant or breast changes in feel or shape.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Implant movement may yield new sensations...

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Smooth silicone implants slip around in the breast pocket and can create unusual sensations when compressed.  The vast majority of these findings are benign. While implant rupture is possible, it is highly unlikely with the preceding events that your have described.  In the absence of any other findings or symptoms, a late August followup with your surgeon is reasonable.

Chen Lee, MD
Montreal Plastic Surgeon
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