Can the Keloid at the Back Side of the Earlobe of my 6 Year Old Daughter Be Trated Using Nonsurgical Method?If So Which Method?

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Non surgical treatments of earlobe keloids

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Non surgical treatments for earlobe keloids can provide some benefit for patients who do not want surgical removal of earlobe keloids. Treatments include IIT, laser, and pressure treatment. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Treatment of keloid in a child

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It is problematic to treat a 6 year old with an earlobe keloid.  The alternative to surgical excision and the adjuvant treatment during follow-up is steroid injection and these are painful even in an adult.  You should see a plastic surgeon for a consultation.  If the keloid is small enough, the use of compression earrings on a daily basis may be beneficial and these are available in small sizes for children.  The ears should not be re-pierced. Best of luck.

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