Can the Internal Stitches from BL/BA Puncture Implants?

Can the internal stitches from BL/BA poke through the implant? It seems these stitches that do NOT dissolve could puncture the implant like a needle would. The easily seem to poke through my skin when. Thank you!

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Internal sutures will not damage a breast implant.

Most plastic surgeons close a breast augmentation incision in layers. The deeper sutures are dissolvable and are of no danger to the implant.

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Breast Implants and Internal Sutures

Internal sutures of any variety have never been shown to have an adverse effect on a breast implant. An implant shell is an inert substance that only deforms with pressure but does not degrade. Your body tissues is a dynamic structure that will adapt to the pressure of a suture but changing and developing an inflammatory reaction thus allowing them to poke through the skin in some cases.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Sutures unlikely to harm implants

Thanks for your question. It would be hard to imagine that a suture could cause any injury to an implant. Most of those we use dissolve. If any are used near the capsule, then we typically will use a braided soft suture.

M. Scott Haydon, MD
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Injury to an implant from suture knots

It would be unlikely that any type of suture could cause a rupture of an implant.  Now the needle can cause an injury to the implant if the surgeon is not careful.  

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Can the Internal Stitches from BL/BA Puncture Implants

The sutures have no sharp components so there is no concern about puncturing the implants.  Once the suture has been inserted and tied the needle is cut off and discarded after the needle count is done.

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
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No stitches cannot puncture your implant.  I suppose if wire suture were used they could but no surgeon would use any sutures except those that dissolve or if permanent they would be selected accordingly.  Do not worry.  My best,  Dr c

George Commons, MD
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Internal sutures are not likely to puncture an implant

In general, most of the internal sutures in a breast augmentation or a breast lift are not near the implant, but those that are near the implant often are placed so that the suture ends are oriented away from the implant.  The type of suture material makes a difference as well.  Only a few sutures are stiff enough to potentially puncture an implant, and most are not used near the implant.  Hopes this helps.

Michael S. Hopkins, MD (retired)
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Internal stitches in breast implant

It depends upon the type of suture and whether or not the knot is in contact of the implant. Most of the surgeon avoids using stiff sutures such as PDS around the implant secondly the knot is usually kept away from the implant. And if the implant is cohesive the chances are extremely low that it can be punctured.

Sanjay Parashar, MD
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