Can the use of injectable filler such as Radiesse in a "Non-Surgical Nose Job" lessen a hump from the front view of the nose?

It seems that Radiesse can dramatically straighten the profile or side view of the nose, but I have yet to see any change upon the front view of the nose in those who have had the Radisse injected for a hump. I find it amazing that injectables can be truly extraordinary in created an aqualine nose profile, but do little for the front view. Can filler change the front view ? It seems that botox can raise the tip, which I am guessing would indeed change the frontal view of the nose ?

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#Radiesse in a "Non-Surgical Nose Job"

I agree - a Non-Surgical Nose Job (whatever that is!) can do many things but not everything, and that includes many of the things that can be accomplished with surgery. With a surgical procedure it is typically possible to make some parts of the nose smaller (such as narrowing the base and lowering a dorsal hump) while enhancing others (such as increasing the definition at the tip). Using an injectable substance cannot be a replacement for a surgical procedure even if it can replicate some of the effects that the surgery can produce. Among them is the relative inability of refining the tip of the nose or of narrowing it in any from the front view. Using a filler such as Radiesse is an excellent tool in enlarging certain areas, and camouflaging bumps and irregularities (by filling in the "valleys" next to the hills). In that sense it is very effective and it is, of course, not "surgery," with its attendant costs, downtime, and risks.

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Fillers in "Non-Surgical Nose Job"

Fillers can be used to change both the profile and front view of a nose. Make sure this is done by an experienced rhinolasty surgeon who is an expert in nasal anatomy and aesthetics.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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The use of Radiesse to improve nose contour. #Radiesse #hump

Thank you for your question. The use of Radiesse on the nose can improve the profile to lessen the appearance of a dorsal hump on lateral view, but may not be as effective to improve the frontal view. Typically, with a surgical rhinoplasty (nose job), we focus on the flow of the nose from the level of the eyebrow all that way to the tip. The surgery will refine the nose appearance and alter the underlying cartilage to provide an aesthetic well contoured result. The hump will be removed and the tip refined and the results will be revealed once the swelling resolves. A filler will not alter the underlying architecture yet add volume above or below the hump to improve its profile. It will not correct a bulbous tip nearly as much as surgery. I would ask your doctor to help explain this to you. It would be much more meaningful if your doctor was fluent in performing a surgical rhinoplasty. I hope this helps.

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Radiesse® can, indeed, change the frontal view of the nose. However, it has much more problem doing so when you're trying to disguise a hump. Most the time, in surgical rhinoplasty, the hump is actually reduced to make the dorsum straight and smooth. If you're trying to disguise a hump, you're limited in how much she can fill above and below the hump without truly distorting the nose. To change the frontal view you must have the nasal dorsum above and below the hump at the same level so the light reflex runs down the entire dorsum. Even if you have reduced the hump some to improve the lateral profile, you may not have provided a totally smooth dorsum to create this light reflex. What this all means is that fillers can still not totally replace surgery for some things.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
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Radiesse can lessen a nasal hump from the frontal view.

Radiesse can lessen a nasal hump from the frontal view. Botox is not a good choice for noses as u need to do this every 3months.

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