Will the Infection Come Back After Revision?

I had capsule contracture and needed surgery. I had both breasts replaced and 7 days later I woke up with a fever and flu like symptoms and the drainage tube was foggy. My ps took out the tube and said it was contaminated. My ps said that I had an infection and put me on cipro for 10 days. The meds worked and he gave me another 14 days worth. my ps told me that the infection may return due to the implant being contaminated. how long will it take for the infection to come back if its going to?

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Infection post revision

Your surgeon seems to be taking the logical steps, and will continue to watch you carefully. Infection may return. If the infection returns or you are concerned about the infection, you may also want to consult with an infectuous disease specialist as long as you do so with the full knowledge and collaboration with your surgeon.

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Getting an infection returning after surgery is possible. Sounds like your PS is treating you and watching after your care. In our practice if the infection persists we would send our patients to an infectious disease specialist to address your infection via IV. Make sure you keep all your appointments and if anything changes contact your PS.


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Infection and revision

Thank you for your question. When it comes to breast implants and infection, you need to keep close follow up with your plastic surgeon. Follow his/her advice. Whether the infection will come back is a question of time. Giving you a prices answer her would be difficult and may not help your case.

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