Does the Individual Clinic/office Determine Costs, or is That Set by the Ultherapy Company

If the promised results were not seen after 6 months who would be responsible for determining if another treatment could be done on me for reduced costs, the office I went to or the Ulthera Company?

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Ulthera cost mostly determined by the practice not the company

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The cost of Ultherapy, which is noninvasive microfocused ultrasound, depend on both the technology and the consulation + treatment. Ultrasound is delivered through what is called a transducer, and transducers wear out after a certain number of pulses so they must be replaced periodically. The cost for these is set by the company. The cost to the patient for the treament is set by the practice. One thing we have learned with experience is that a higher number of pulses that first thought is required for optimal results, so be wary of discounting based on lower pulse counts.

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Costs of Ultherapy and other Aesthetic Treatments

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The costs of any aesthetic treatment are determined by the practice.  When considering the cost of treatment with a device such as Ultherapy, Thermage, and lasers or injectable agents such as botulinum toxins and fillers, remember that you are paying for the experience, judgment, and expertise of the individual doing the treatment, not just the cost of the drug as might be the case if you were taking a pill or an insulin injection.  I strongly urge consumers to avoid shopping only for pricing when it comes to aesthetic services.  While price is important, the best way to get good value is to seek treatment from an experienced, skilled provider.

Brian Biesman, MD
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Second ulthera treatment may be discounted

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In our office, the second ulthera treatment is offered at a discount, if done within 6 months.  If the patient decides to undertake a more invasive procedure (eg laserlipo of neck or face/necklift), we will credit a portion of the original ulthera cost to the second procedure.

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Ulthera Costs Are Determined By The Practice

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Ulthera is a treatment that utilizes focused ultrasound in a minimally invasive way to achieve deeper tissue tightening.  Although it does produce measurable results, these results will not approximate those of a Facelift.  Many Surgeons utilizing Ulthera will take circumstances like yours and give a discount toward a second treatment or a Facelift if you are underwhelmed by your result; this will vary from practice to practice. The benefits and limitations of Ulthera should have been explained to you prior to your procedure.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Ultherapy costs

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Several factors help create a price for a cosmetic treatment

1. Cost of consumable limited lifespan of transducer tip.

2. Equipment lease

3. Equipment maintenace service contract

4. Physician peforming treatment or assistant?

5. How many lines are performed (some may provide less coverage, and as an example, trying to produce a better jawline may involve treatment of the cheek above and neck below resulting in a greater expense than if only the cheek is treated).

6. Availability for communication with problems to discuss / patient-customer service

7. Expertise of physician

8. Geography of practice

Subsequent treatments are done by some doctors as early as six months. Results can not be guaranteed so the physician examines the patient in consultation and provides the best clinical judgement if the patient is a candidate. I won't accept a patient for the treatment if I think they won't get a result. The result is never the same as the amount of lifting a facelift surgery can provide. There is a cost for subsequent treatments.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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What does Ultherapy cost ?

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For procedures like Ultherapy, you are paying for the device and in this case, lines of treatment from a disposable transducer which is very expensive AND the experience of the provider. Geographic location can have an impact on cost as overhead may be high. The number of lines of treatment used can impact final cost. The doctor may charge a premium for his/her expertise. 

Read the Ultherapy ebook provided on the link below. Go to the ebook section. 

Ultherapy Cost

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Thank you for your question. Generally, the price of the treatment varies depending on where you live, who you were treated by, and the areas treated. If you wanted another treatment done at a reduced cost, I would suggest contacting the office you went to. Best of luck.

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