Where Exactly is the Implant Placed if Subglandular?

Re: breastfeeding, if the implant is placed subglandular, are the glands, lobes and ducts on top of the implant or underneath? I had an augmentation done 7 years ago and never discussed breastfeeding with the surgeon and am now expecting my first child in December. I am really determined to breastfeed but read it can be difficult with an "over the muscle" implant. I'm sure the surgeon would do what he could to ensure functionality of the breast for breastfeeding, right?

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Breast feeding after augmentation

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is not impaired by implant position as much as it is by which incision was used to do your procedure.  The implant alone isn't affecting your glandular structures or hormones involved in breast feeding bur realize that some people are not able to breast feed, even without implants.  If a peri-areolar approach was used, its likely some of your ducts were cut diminishing the amount of mild production you will have so you could breast feed still but may not be able to produce enough for your child.

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Breast feeding and subglandular implants

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Firstly, congratulations for december.

A subglandular pocket means the breast tissue with all the ducts/lobes are sitting above the implant. With the muscle sitting below the implant.

This should not affect your ability to breast feed as the milk producing tissue is well away from the implant pocket.

I hope this helps and good luck.


Subglandular implants and breast feeding

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Implants placed in the subglandular space are placed just on top of the pectoralis major muscle and just behind the actual breast gland tissue. Most people that have subglandular implants can still breast feed with their implants. And most patients with subpectoral or submuscular implants can also breast feed. The surgical procedure to place a subglandular implant does have a higher risk of damaging portions of the breast gland more so than when placed under the muscle. But there are other factors as well. Patients that have oversized implants are also at a higher risk of having issues with breast feeding, regardless of their position. Most likely, you will not have any troubles, but it was a risk that you took when you decided to have the implants placed. Hope this helps.

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Where exactly is the implant placed if subglandular

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You should be able to breast feed whether your implants are placed submuscular (below the muscle) or subglandular (above the muscle).  Subglandular implants sit above the muscle and below your breast tissue/glands/lobes.  With a peri-areolar incision, some milk ducts may have been severed which could lessen your ability to produce milk while some woman are not able to breast feed even without implants.  Best you can do is try it and see how it goes! ac

Angela Champion, MD
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Subglandular implants are under the gland

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Thanks for your question. "Subglandular" implants are placed directly on top of the pectoralis muscle, under the breast tissue. The implant doesn't come between the nipple and the breast tissue so shouldn't affect your ability to breast feed. I hope this helps.

Breast Feeding and Implants

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Congratulations on your pregnancy. A woman can have completely natural breasts and still have difficulty breast feeding. Having implants subglandular should not pose an issue for your ability to breast feed. Good luck!

Subglandular breast implant

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The   breast  implant  is  placed in  between   the   mamary gland and    the muscle  . Right   under   the   mamary  gland  tissue     the    implant  is   placed  ,    the  result     is     in  center    of     both , having   mamary gland over    it   ,  and  muscle   and  costal  ribs    under   the  implant.  

Cynthia Disla, MD
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Where Exactly is the Implant Placed if Subglandular?

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The implant is placed just over the muscle and just under the breast tissue. At this point all you can do is try to breastfeed.

Breast feeding and implants

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Depending upon which incision was used will be more important in terms of violating some glandular tissue. Inframammary less so than periareola.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Subglandular Implant Placement

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Placement of subglandular implants means that the implants are beneath the breast but above the chest muscle.  Subglandular implants should not interfere with breast feeding any more than submuscular implants.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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