What is the Best Implant Shape For My Case? A To D Cup Desired.

I am a small saggy A cup, grade 1 or 2. I am going to get implants next week, and I want my breasts to look like a cup from the side. Teardrop textured implants are what he suggested, but would round be better? I want to go to a D cup, and want to be happy with the results.

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Formed shaped implants

Without a photo it is difficult to fully answer your question.   In general for every 175 to 200 cc of implant volume you will go up a cup size.  In the US most plastic surgeons use smooth round implants however in Europe most plastic surgeons use tear drop formed shaped implants.  These implants are not currently available in the US.  

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Best Implant Shapes

I agree with my colleagues responses about "teardrop" implants.  In my opinion, they don't look or feel nice.  I highly recommend round implants.  Implants do not defy gravity.  Therefore, round implants will eventually settle and give a nice natural appearance in time.

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
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Implant shape and size

I prefer round implants because the teardrop shape may rotate internally and then they look a bit odd.  As for the volume best for you, it is hard to say without an exam.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Best Breast Implant Shape?

Thank you for the question.

It is difficult to give you good advice without direct examination or pictures.

Generally speaking, I think you will be best off with smooth, round, silicone gel breast implants (based on the descriptions of your body type and goals). I am not a fan of textured implants or “teardrop” implants;  I think both are problematic and increase the potential need for further surgery.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Best implant shape for your case is NOT teardrop.

The best implant SIZE is determined by your wishes as fits within your anatomy, and your surgeon can help you determine this. Larger implants have their own concerns, but if your anatomy permits, and your surgeon agrees, "filling" your small saggy A cup breasts with implants that will yield a D cup is possible. Realize that  a D-cup brassiere at Victoria's Secret, for example, is usually equal to a C-cup bra by Olga or Maidenform! Size is relative, so try on implants in a bra and stretchy top, bring photos of desired breast size, and let your surgeon know your wishes so he or she can determine if your goals are realistic and achievable for your particular anatomy.

Teardop shape SOUNDS seductively "better" than round, but may actually  NOT be as anatomic, and can be oriented "incorrectly," which is why they are textured--to hold them into position. This also means that they do not move to the side when you recline, which is decidedly not "real" breast-like.

While some plastic surgeons prefer the teardrop-shaped implants in some situations, the smooth round implants are generally the softest, most natural in appearance (upright and lying down), least likely to be felt externally, and (for saline implants) least likely to leak.

Textured surface implants have a thicker shell, are more likely to be felt externally, and have a somewhat higher leak rate (saline implants) because of the thinner or weaker areas in the tiny peaks and valleys of the shell surface. Since teardrop-shaped implants must have proper positioning and must stay in that position (sloped part up, rounded part down) to take advantage of their innate shape, by necessity they are textured so that the body's tissues can adhere to and maintain the proper position of the implants. Thus, the teardrop implants cannot and do not move as the patient changes from a standing to a reclining position. Also, the teardrop implant remains teardrop-shaped when the patient is lying down, whereas the natural breast flattens out and assumes a round appearance.  Teardrop implants are also more costly than round smooth implants. The smooth round implant does just what a natural breast does: it is teardrop-shaped when the patient is upright, and flattens and drops slightly to the side when the patient reclines. Thus, the round implant is actually more "anatomic" than the teardrop or so-called anatomic implant.

The true "gummy bear" implants are investigational, and are no longer available while awaiting FDA approval. Other textured "teardrop" implants are available by both manufacturers, but have the higher cost, risk for leakage (saline), adherence that prevents natural movement, and sometimes require a slightly longer incision. Oh, and they usually are more costly! Which of those is appealing to you?

I personally believe you will be best served by smooth, round cohesive silicone gel implants placed via an inframammary incision into the submuscular plane (subfascial inferolaterally). Size per previous discussion. More information is available by clicking on the link below. Best wishes!

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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What is the Best Implant Shape For My Case?

Without an examination much less photographs it is impossible to ethically begin to advise you on what may be best for you. Generally speaking, a sagging A cup does NOT have sufficient breast tissue (and often insufficient breast skin envelope) to adequately cover a very large breast implant. Although a very large breast implant CAN be placed in most women (and in many cases, they are unfortunately are) VERY frequently they cause an irreversible damage to the breast with stretched out skin revealing the ripples of the breast shells and in no time sagging, rock in a sock, look.

It sounds as if you need much more information before you jump in. The place to get it is from your surgeon. I encourage you to get ALL your questions answered BEFORE you enter the operating room.

Peter A Aldea, MD

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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