Could the Implant Be Pinching a Nerve? Still Can't Feel Right Side 1 Month After Chin Implant Surgery.

I want my chin implant out although I like the results- the numbness and not being able to feel the right side of my chin is driving me crazy. From day one the right side just didn't reel right - my doctor kept assuring me that it's normal but it doesn't feel normal. 1 month after surgery the left side is starting to feel normal but not the right. Can the nerve be pinched or something from the implant? My doctor says no. Also he say if he takes it out that feeling will still be there?

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Chin Implant Sensation Revovery Varies

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If your plastic surgeon confirmed the implant is seated properly then give it time. It is common for one side to feel differently in the first several months.

Numbness after chin implant

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There are a number of scenarios that could be responsible for your chin numbness and all of them are related to the mental nerve. The nerve comes out of a hole in your mandible (jaw bone ) and connects to the skin to receive sensation. Modern chin implants are designed with "wings" to extend alongside the mandible and under the mental nerve. The dissection that accompanies this surgery can stretch or bruise the nerve, or it can even be inadvertently cut while the pocket is being made. Other scenarios could include (as you have suspected) pressure of the implant on the nerve if the pocket is not large enough to accomodate both the implant and nerve comfortably.

Most often numbness is temporary or you will get partial return of sensation. However, occasionally (and unfortunately) the numbness is permanent. It is hard to know if the sensation will return if the implant is taken out because it depends on which of the above scenarios have taken place. I hope that helps and good luck to you.

Michael Kim, MD

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