The Implant Will Not Move at All, What Do You Suggest To Do?

I asked a question earlier regarding the pocket the doctor made being flabby and empty. I think my question was stated wrong. The left implant is actually stuck higher in my check = 4 inches from my clavical. You can actually see the outline of the implant. I can not get the implant to move down - it will move side to side - it feels like it is stuck - can it have healed there? the pocket is extremely ugly and empty - nipple down

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Implant won't move

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It sounds like you may have a scar capsule contracture.  If your surgery was less than one year ago, it may be possible to improve without surgery.  If it has been more than one year, you will probably require surgery to release the tight scar capsule.

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You did not mention how long it’s been from your surgery? In our practice we have our patients wearing a breast band to help the implant come down to its pocket. Without a little help they will heal up there. You need to talk to your PS and review your concerns.


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