Can the Implant Get Larger with Message to Release Scar Tissue Will the Boxy Look Go Away and if So, How Long to Accomplish?

I was given 800 cc gel implants after a bi-lateral mastecomy. I was a 40C cup before and now I can't even fill in a 40 B cup. I am 46 yrs old at 198#'s and 5'6". I look boxy like a woman body builder and can't even fill up a 40B cup, rather than a 40C cup I was before the mastectomy. If

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Breast reconstruction

You have the biggest implant available. Most probably you need some contouring , like liposuction around the breast area, mainly lateral chest wall to give more definition to the breast. Also fat grafting to the reconstructed breast will enhance the shape of the breast

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Limitations on implant-based reconstruction

Unfortunately, you have the largest available gel implant already.  If you decide to go with saline implant, the saline implant can be overfilled.  Your other options are 1) fat grafting to breasts or 2) autologous (own tissue) reconstruction if you have enough abdominal tissue.

Sugene Kim, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Unhappy with size after breast reconstruction

Unfortunately, this is a common problem.  As plastic surgeons, we have been fighting this issue and trying to get larger implants approved by the FDA for situations just like these!  But at this point, we don't have them.  So - my advice is, look into fat grafting.  You can have liposuction to other areas of your body and transplant the fat around your implants to create more round, larger breasts.  Good luck!

K. Roxanne Grawe, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Limitations of breast reconstruction with implants

Your implants are the largest that are manufactured and available in the US.  Your only other choice would be to consider some other method of breast reconstruction.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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