What is the Impact on Recovery (If Any), Sutures, Scar Tissue and Healing if Too Active Following BR?

I am a 41yr old female who had BR surgery 1 month ago. No complications, healthy & average BMI. Due to a miscommunication, I was back at work the next day (good toleration, no pain meds) & continued to work. Very active single parent with young kids & no support network. What damage can I cause to the newly forming/healing breasts by being over active, especially if I feel good? My plastic surgeon is great & I've asked these questions, but he doesn't understand me taking Zumba classes for 2 was

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Breast Reduction and post operative activity

At four weeks post breast reduction it should be safe to begin exercise.  I usually counsel my patients not to do any strenuous activity for the first three to four weeks after breast reduction.  In the first few weeks after the surgery remember, if you are doing something that is causing your heart to race or causing you to sweat, your blood pressure is elevated and this could result in bruising or bleeding which could compromise the results of your surgery.  Be careful!

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Problems by being too active after breast reduction surgery

Surgeons have reasons for their post operative instructions and are concerned only for your healing as quickly and complication free as possible.  Improper after care and engaging in too much activity can increase the risk of postoperative bleeding, infection, etc.  If you are a month out and have not experienced any problems in your healing following breast reduction surgery, you most likely are fine.  Keep an eye on your scars and see your surgeon if they start to thicken up

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Activity following breast reduction

I don't see a reason for someone to risk the postop result by going back to Zumba classes two weeks after breast reduction surgery. What was the rush? Complications can arise when a patient does not allow the body to heal. At this point, it sounds like you didn't have much of a reduction or possibly liposuction so as to return to work the next day and not to require any pain medication. You need to be sensitive to postoperative issues and allow the body to heal.

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Breast Reduction Recovery

Thank you for your question.

Congratulations on your surgery and it sounds like you are doing fine. I do not think you have caused any problems with your early activity. Please continue to follow up with your surgeon and follow his advice.

Best Wishes!

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Early Activity after Breast Reduction

If you are doing well after 1 month, then it is unlikely that you will have any problems related to your early activity. Be sure to follow up with you plastic surgeon if any significant scars develop.

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