Are the Ideal Implants Available Yet?

I've been wanting these implants in the youtube link above ever since they started the trial test for them. Unfortunately they didn't have any of the implant size I wanted left for me to test. I ended up getting normal saline implants. I still want the ideal implants SOOOO bad and want them to replace my normal saline implants. If they aren't available yet, does anyone know when they will become available?

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Ideal Saline Breast Implants Availability and Performance

The Ideal Implant is now FDA Approved !!

It is a double lumen saline implant engineered to feel like a silicone implant. For those that are concerned about a "silent leak" problem with a silicone implant yet want characteristics more like silicone - this is the implant for you. I now have more than 4 year follow up data on my patients with these implants - all of my patients to date are very happy with their implants.

I am one of the lead FDA investigators for the Ideal Implant and reported the one year cumulative study results at the annual meeting of the American Society for Aethetic Plastic Surgery, ASAPS, last year (2011) in Boston and in May 2012 in Vancouver for the two year study results. The FDA study results thus far are very encouraging and the Ideal Implant Company and Valeant, Inc has just announced via press release that it is FDA approved for both USA and Canada. They will need to tool up the manufacturing plant (Tustin, California) to produce at a higher volume. It is anticipated that they will be available by July, 2015.

To be placed on my waiting list to receive this implant once available please contact my office. One of the things that impresses me the most about the Ideal Breast Implant company is that they will only sell their implants to board certified plastic surgeons by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Below is the latest on the study results which in part will be published in this years American Journal of Aesthetic Surgery by me and Robert Hamas, MD, the inventor of the implant.
Ideal Breast Implant Trials Promising to date:
With the Ideal Implant, women will no longer have to choose between peace of mind and a great result when it comes to breast augmentation. Dr. Larry Nichter explains.
About Ideal Saline Implants vs Silicone  Safety and Performance Issues. Women have so far had essentially just two breast implant fill choices: saline or silicone. Silicone implants have distinct advantages over saline implants in terms of performance: they wrinkle less and conform to a more natural breast shape, and also have a softer feel that is more breast-like. However, silicone implants have gained a reputation—possibly undeserved—for being less safe than saline implants. Despite the fact that there is no known  toxicity of silicone gel breast implants, the possibility of a “silent rupture,” undetectable except by MRI, has been enough to make many women opt for saline implants or wait for a better product to come along. The time will be here most likely within a year or so with the advent of the Ideal Implant, the name given to a new design saline hybrid implant. It has the natural feel of silicone and safety of saline.
Saline implants, though providing peace of mind by being perceived as safer than silicone, often do not create a result that seems as natural. Wrinkling, scalloping, a globular shape, and water balloon-like feel, and increased risk of capsular contracture have been the trade-off for peace of mind with breast implants. The Ideal Implant solves many if not all of these concerns.
The Ideal Implant has both
The Ideal Implant is one of the major technological advances to come along in the past few decades in implant manufacture. Using a novel design with internal baffles, the saline implant is manufactured to achieve a similar feel and performance comparable to a silicone implant. Approximately 95% of both patients and their surgeons expressed satisfaction at the current two-year data point by the FDA. The Ideal Breast Implant is soon to be released in the US market, hopefully with in the year.
As one of the lead FDA study investigators, I have personally followed my Ideal Implant patients for more than two years. The vast majority of my patients are thrilled with the results. My follow up exams indicate that in most cases they have the feel more like silicone than saline.
When placed on a convex surface similar to the curve of the chest wall, the Ideal Implant conforms to a more natural breast shape; its edge lies lower and its outward surface does not collapse. This is because engineers designed the Ideal Implant with three nested baffle shells, which are unattached and perforated. This makes the saline move slowly between the compartments, giving it gel-like characteristics and a feel more like that of a natural breast.
The Ideal breast implant uses no new materials or manufacturing processes—only tried and tested ones—and is made completely in the United States. The manufacturing process is automated to ensure uniform thickness of the membrane shell, unlike the hand-dipped ones that are used for breast implant manufacturers by other companies. Perhaps most important, the President of the Company, Dr. Robert Hamas, indicated that this implant will only be made available to board certified plastic surgeons by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. To date, the other saline breast implant companies in the US, Allergan and Mentor, sell their product essentially to any MD or DO whether they are a plastic surgeon or not, and even to non-surgeons without board certification. This gives an added advantage to the consumer knowing that when they have an Ideal breast implant placed it will be done by someone well trained and competent—by a board certified plastic surgeon.
The Ideal breast implant is currently undergoing FDA trial studies in 502 women, the second-year results were recently released and are very promising. The capsular contracture rate, for example, at the two-year follow up mark of the current FDA study indicates a dramatic decrease of capsular contracture. To date, the Ideal breast implants show significantly lower rates of capsule contracture and wrinkling, as well as high patient satisfaction. Deflations from early manufacturing defects were identified and addressed, and manufacturing processes have been refined.
Though it has yet to be released to the general public, the Ideal Implant is shaping up to be a contender in the open market with traditional saline and silicone implants.
—Dr. Larry Nichter, MD, FACS

To receive updates about the ideal implant or to be placed on Dr. Nichter’s waiting list for  breast augmentation with Ideal Breast Implants, please contact our office using the link below.

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IDEAL implants are available!

The IDEAL implant is available now.  This is a great new type of breast implant that is combining the benefits of silicone and saline implants.  I am a provider of IDEAL implants in Long Beach, CA, but the easiest way for prospective patients to find a provider near them is to go to the company website and locate a surgeon in their area.  The company only works with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons so you should feel confident that your surgeon is appropriately trained.  Best of luck!

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Ideal Implant is Available!

Yes, the ideal implant is currently available and offer many advantages as a structured saline breast implant.   I would recommend visiting their website, linked below to find a surgeon close to you.   This is an amazing product and will give you many of the advantages of a silicone breast implant, without many of the risks.   All the best.  

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Ideal Implants are now available

The Ideal implant was approved by the FDA last fall, and is available through a select group of surgeons.  I have been using the Ideal implant for several months now and have been very pleased with the results.
Best wishes, 
Dr. L

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The new IDEAL IMPLANT is now available at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute

i am excited by the prospect of this new breast implant, offering the softness and smoothness of a silicone implant without the need for silicone 

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Ideal Implant is FDA approved

Great news!  The Ideal Implant was FDA approved November 2014.  The devices should be available in June 2015 to select board certified plastic surgeons.  Visit the Ideal Implant website to find a doctor near you that will have access to the newest implant available.  

Trey Aquadro, M.D.
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Ideal implants?

Thanks for your question -

The good news is implant technology continues to improve.  This means more natural feeling breasts, lower rupture risk, etc.  In addition surgical techniques continue to improve (think lower risk of infection, quicker recovery, better cosmetic results).

It is important to focus on your results and your cosmetic needs. 

Implants undergo a strenuous government approval process (in many ways more stringent than medications that are approved).  There can be long delays in getting an implant approved for use in the United States.

I hope this helps!

Steven H. Williams, MD
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Ideal breast implants

If your implants are soft, symmetric, the right size and shape for your body, and your scar is obscure, your nipples sensate, and there is no visible rippling or wrinkling at the implant-tissue interface, then you have the ideal implants NOW! Keep them until there is a problem worth re-operating to correct.

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The Ideal saline breast implant

To our knowledge the 'Ideal' saline breast implant is not yet approved. The implant is designed to imitate the flow and viscosity of a silicone gel implant and reduce the ripple. The implant is claimed to be 'firmer' than current saline, though we feel firmness in an implant is a bummer. Your current saline implants may last about 15 years, and then you just may get a shot at the 'Ideal' ones.

Best of luck,

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Ideal Breast Implants

The Ideal saline implant is a saline implant with internal baffles to limit saline movement and make them feel more like a gel implant. They are still an investigational device used by only a few surgeons and to the best of my knowledge, no patients have been enrolled in the study since it was closed in January 2010. After enough time in followup studies, the FDA will make a decisiion on when (or if) they can be used for the public. Like you, I am eager to have them available, I think they will be a popular device if they prove durable and of low risk in the followup studies.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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