Is the Hump on my Nose Still Visible After Rhinoplasty Just Swelling? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty a little over a month ago to remove the hump on my nose. When the cast was removed, there was no hump. About a week later, a small hump showed up on my nose. The small hump is most visible from the oblique views and seems to be bigger from my right oblique view. The sides of the "hump" feels very hard like bone, but the middle of the hump (on the bridge) does not. Could this hump be swelling? - I know the image is bad, but the hump is most visible from this angle.

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Is the Hump on my Nose Still Visible After Rhinoplasty Just Swelling?

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Dear Koby,

Thank you for your photo/question.  Would have liked to see the other angles, especially the profile.  In general, however, this is way to early to look at the result critically.  You will find that your nose will swell and shrink from time to time for many months, up to 1 -2 years after surgery, sometimes related to vigorous exercise, bending over forward, sometimes with allergies, sinusitis, etc.  It takes a long time for the tissue to stabilize.  Continue following with your plastic surgeon throughout this time.  I would not do anything currently.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

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