Will the Hump Go Away, Also Will the Nose Get Smaller After Time? (photo)

hi everyone I hope you can help me, I had my cast off today from a closed rhinoplasty, I will be honest I'm not overly excited from seeing the nose since the operation, I had asked for the hump previous to be removed and make the nose smaller in all areas, just wanted to get feedback, I see there is a hump still there which I'm not happy about and also feel that me nose is long, I'm a bit concerned already and thinking that I will need revision to correct the nose. kind regards

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Residual hump after rhinoplasty

          At this early stage, do not make any decisions on the quality of the result.  If the hump can be compressed, it is likely swelling that will resolve.  Preoperative pictures would be most helpful to evaluate your other question.

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Do I Need A Revisional Rhinoplasty?

There are two issues that make answering your rhinoplasty question impossible. First, what did you you nose look like before surgery? Only looking at the postoperative result is only half the needed information. Secondly, at just one week after any rhinoplasty predicting what the final result will be is not possible. There is always significant swelling that obscures what was done underneath even in a closed rhinoplasty. At three months after surgery you will have a more visible, although not yet final, result of what your rhinoplasty accomplished.

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Rhinoplasty final result usually visible at four months


Just going by your picture, I would say you already look quite good, and it will get better.  You don't want your nose to be too delicate.

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Hump nose

The minimal projection over the dorsum that you see as hump should settle down in time and I personally don't think you will need further surgery.Good luck.

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