Can I Get the Hollow Eyes Look? Why Unwanted? Thank You!

Hello. I am only 20 years (white/German) old but since I was 14 it has been my dream to get the hollow eyes look, kind of Betty Davis, Greta Garbo, Madonna etc. eyelids. When I pull in my eyelids, or use eyelid tape I get that look. Why is this look unwanted when I see people post about their eyes looking like that, in here? What surgery would it take to make my eyelids look like that? Blepharoplasty? And will it hurt the eyes? I have seen some in the before/after gallery getting the look.

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Hollow eye look

The hollow eye look is  no longer in fashion and we do not try to obtain that look any longer. At age 20, you do not need your eyelids done. The primary goal of upper eyelid  blepharoplasty is to remove excess skin with a little fat, while the goal for lower lids is primarily to remove the puffiness and a little bit of skin. The surgery takes approximately one hour performed under a brief general anesthetic as an outpatient surgical procedure

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Hollow eyes look

This kind of blepharoplasty has fallen out of favor because it looks bad down the road as the aging process takes over and it gives an unnatural "done" look right away. Younger surgeons may not know how to do this surgery as it is no longer taught in training programs.

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