3 Months Post, Will The Holes from the Fractional Laser Disappear Soon?

Hello, please help me! I don't know if its any thing I can do to get my skin looking better?! I had the fraction laser done 2-3 months ago , and my skin looks worse than ever! I have larger pores and the holes from the laser are visible still , I look like car passed my face! I 've got more wrinkles specially around my eyes ! What a mistake and a waste of money (1000E) Is there anything that will help me get a better skin?  I'm 33 but look like 45 . Many thanks ! This is how I look 4 days after.

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Problems following fractionated CO2 laser treatment

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It does require some experience to perform a microablative fractionated  CO2 laser treatment.  It is hard to tell from your photograph but you skin looks a little dark.  It is possible that you were not a good candidate for the procedure.  You may want to try skin care products to improve the texturing, wrinkles and pigmentation problems.  I would suggest products from SkinMedica like TNS essential serum and Lytera. Find a physician in your area who carries these products.  I hope that this helps improve your skin.  

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Still have marks 3 months post Fractional laser

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This photo doesn't help because it's not current. You should consult with your physician, but it can take months for all of the results from a fractional laser to fully set in, especially if it was a more ablative fractional laser on high settings, which it appears yours was.

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