​2 years post op on Otoplasty, the helix of my 2 ears are different. How do I make the helix of my ears look the same? (photos)

I was born with lop ear in my left ear and underwent otoplasty 2 years ago which i had both ears pinned and the left ear was altered slightly but still is significantly different in shape and size of my right ear I believe with my case it will be possible to fold the helix of the right ear in order to match the helix of the left. 

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How do I make the helix of my ears look the same?

The anatomy of the helix cannot be changed by an otoplasty. The helix moves closer to the head due to bending of the antihelix or changes to the cavum conchae. Alterations to the helix are only possible with surgical measures that have nothing to do with an otoplasty.

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