Does the Height of the Nasal Dorsum Have a Relationship with Cheekbones?

My nasal dorsum is quite high relative to the nasi on and tip. If the elevation of my dorsum is brought down will that affect how the cheekbones look as well? Would the cheekbones in fact look more prominent when the nose is less prominent on the face? I am just wondering if that is part of the facial harmony that is achieved through rhinoplasty.

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The shape of the nose is integrated aesthetically with all features of the face.

Although a rhinoplasty will not affect the cheeks directly, it will affect the various relationships between the nose and other portions of the face. Video imaging would be a good way to sort these things out.

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Facial harmony takes into account all of the facial parts


Thank you for the question.  The simple answer is that the dorsum will not significantly impact the appearance of the cheeks.  With that said all of the facial characteristics work together so changing one aspect of your face will by definition change that balance or lack thereof in some cases but this can be negligible in certain cases such as yours.

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Does the Height of the Nasal Dorsum Have a Relationship with Cheekbones?

 I have written a book on the aesthetics of beauty.  The nose does not affect the cheek shape in any way.  The nose, if it's large or has some un-aesthetic features that draw attention to it, will make the face be perceived as less attractive.  Once a Rhinoplasty creates a naturally, more aesthetic and attractive nose the cheeks, eye area and lips are brought center stage in attention.

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Rhinoplasty and overall facial harmony

Facial appearance is all about harmony.  An examination of your face and an understanding of your concerns will help to construct a plan for facial rejuvenation in your case.  

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Yes a Rhinoplasty Affects the Appearance of the Cheekbones

The nose, chin, cheeks, and to a certain extent, the forehead all work together to create a pleasing balance and harmony to your face. Changing any one of these does change our perspective of these other features, making them look a bit different. Computer imaging can be very helpful, not only in showing you how your "new" nose will look, but also showing you how changing the nose will change the overall perspective of the rest of the features on the face. With every patient I see for a rhinoplasty consultation, I have them back up and look at their imaged photos from a distance, not to look at the changes in the nose itself, but to see the difference in the overall appearance of the face. Start with a consultation including computer imaging. You will see the best course of action. Good luck.

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relationship of high cheekbones and dorsal height of the nose

 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so it's best to make your own  subjective determination by looking at our rhinoplasty photo  gallery to see how that affects cheekbones on patients who have undergone a rhinoplasty in our practice.  Please see the link below

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Nose and cheeks

The cheeks usually do not get affected significantly by a change in the nasal dorsal height. Instead proper nasal dorsal height helps with the overall facial harmony and aesthetics. Think of it this way, you don't want any thing distracting on your face. It could be a large nose, sunken cheeks, small chin, bulging eyes. If everything is in harmony and symmetry, the face looks good. Regards Dr. J Disclaimer: This answer is not intended to give a medical opinion and does not substitute for medical advice. The information presented in this posting is for patients’ education only. As always, I encourage you to see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

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What the nose has to do with the cheek

The best way to answer such questions is to 'try out' the change to the height of the nasal dorsum through computer simulation, and see for yourself just what the impact on the profile and prominence of the cheek will have. If you like the changes you see it is much easier to have a goal in mind.

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Nasal Dorsum & Cheek Prominence

Thank you for your question.  It's an excellent one! Cheek prominence and the nasal dorsum definitely have a proportional releationship.  While it has not been as numerically codified as other structures of the nose and face they are definitely related.  Weak cheeks can make a nose look more prominent and vice versa.  In some cases dorsal reduction and augmentation in some cases can restore proportion. Cheek augmentation is sometimes necessary to achieve better balance.  An in person consultation can help to answer this question more definitively. Best wishes.

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Does the Height of the Nasal Dorsum Have a Relationship with Cheekbones?


Thank you for your question.  Yes, In general, the nose should be made in harmony with the rest of the face.  A larger nose draws attention to itself, and making it smaller and in harmony with the rest of your face brings out the eyes, cheeks, ect.  The below link is an example of this.

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