Will the Health Insurance Pay for my Broken Nose Surgery?

I've had a broken nose for a long time and it's hurting really badly. I breath fine but, I don't know what the doctor are going to say to me when I go for a check up. It just hurts. I'm 15 and I really want to fix it but, my parents don't have that much money. And health insurance is the only thing that can help me fix it..

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Insurance coverage for broken nose

Firstly, because you are 15 years of age, you must see a plastic surgeon to determine whether you are too young for surgery since the nasal bones and cartilage should be fully developed prior to rhinoplasty. Secondly, it is unclear why your nose hurts after so much time has passed since your injury. You should definitely the cause of your nasal pain evaluated prior to rhinoplasty to be sure the pain is not caused by something else. Depending on the type of health insurance u have, your initial evaluation can be covered by insurance. Typically for rhinoplasty surgery to be covered by insurance, you need to have an exact date the injury happened, a visibly crooked nose and symptoms such as breathing difficulty, nasal stuffiness, or sinus headaches since the injury. The best approach is to see a doctor about your symptoms and he or she can advise you as to whether you will be candidate for rhinoplasty and insurance coverage.

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