Can the HCG Diet Cause Problems with Breast Implants?

My breast implants are 11yrs old now & I've fluctuated about 20lbs in weight in the last 5yrs. In between I've had 2 pregnancies, which I've gained 40lbs each time. I was 144lbs when I started the HCG diet & lost 10lbs. I wanted to go for round 2 of HCG drops, but I've been feeling my breast implants extremely loose & uncomfortable. I haven't experienced any pain, but when I lay down without a bra I feel like my breasts are going into my arm pits. Is this due to the weight loss or the drops?

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HCG Does Not Affect Breast Implants

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There is no problem with any form of dieting, HCG or otherwise, on breast implants. While the breasts may lose some volume with weight loss, that may be an irrelevant issue if the implant makes up much of the breast anyway. But from a safety standpoint, HCG does not have any effect on breast implants.

Oral hcg

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Oral form of hcg is ineffective as it is quicly broken down in the stomach. Injections of hcg does cause hormonal modulation and can mobilize fat stores. This may affect your breasts.

Marc Schneider, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Dieting and Breast Implants

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Weight loss and dieting have no effect on breast implant shells. As you lose weight you may lose some breast volume and may deflate the breast to a varying degree. But this would have no effect on the Bret implants themselves. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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