Are the Hard Lumps in my Upper Inner Thighs Normal?

Its been one week and a half since I had liposuction on my upper thighs. There seems to be a hard lump in my inner thighs. One thigh is 4 cm bigger that the other, and the lump feels hard like a tree bark. Is this normal?? Does me being a vegetarian have anything to do?

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One Thigh Larger Than the Other 10 Days after Thigh Liposuction

    This may be a resolving bruise, a hematoma, a fluid collection, swelling, or possible blood clot in the leg.  An examination would be best to determine this.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Hardness & Lumpy Feeling Normal

Some degree of lumpiness and hardness about 1-3 weeks after lipusuction is normal.  Swelling can be uneven due to differing degrees of trauma or bruising of the tissue and does not necessarily mean that the fat was removed unevenly.  I would recommend that you give yourself some time to heal and to share your concerns with your surgeon at your next visit.  Minor contour irregularities are straight-foward to correct with an in office touch up should it be necessary.   For now, the better part of valor is to stay calm and to give yourself time to recover.  Best of luck!

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