Hair is patchy after 3 laser removal treatments? Will it grow back and look normal after few months? (photo)

I did 3 hair laser treatments on my legs and now they are patchy and look not normal. it's been 2 months and the areas where there is no hair is not growing at all. does that mean my body and legs will never look normal again? Can laser treatments ruin your body permanently ? i decided to stop doing any more treatments 'cause I want my hair to grow back to normal and for the body to return normal. Will it ever be normal or did the 3 treatments had ruined my body forever?

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Laser hair removal on legs

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Once you decide to do laser hair removal, the goal is for it to be permanent.  I would actually expect more hair loss after three laser treatments.  The hair in those areas may not grow back.  If that is the case I would suggest you finish your laser hair treatments. Please let me know what happens.

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