What is the General Concensus on Artiste?

My wife wants some work done on her lips and frown lines. In NY, her friends have had the same procedures done and the Dr used an automated system called Artiste. What are the advantages of this system? How much more expensive is it to use Artiste versus direct injection? I want to make sure my wife gets the best....

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While the system does have some advantages, the benefits do not seem to outweigh the significant increase in costs for the patient.

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Artiste Advantage

The Artiste carefully controls the rate of flow of injection of whatever material you are using to fill in the lips and frown lines.  I have been using the system extensively in NY and have noted certain advantages.  First, the Artiste is more comfortable than regular injections.  In general, injectible fillers are not a painful procedure.  However when the rate of flow is precisely controlled, the injection is better tolerated.  Also, very fine lines can be injected precisely with the Artiste.  Most doctor's office will add a premium to use the Artiste machine.  Best of luck!

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