Is the Fraxel Dual Laser the best laser for treating stretch marks?

Is the Fraxel Dual Laser the best laser for treating stretch marks? I know stretch marks can be very difficult to treat successfully ever with lasers.

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"Best" laser for stretch marks.

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Hi Ali.  There is no "best" laser for stretch marks as they can be treated differently at different practices.  We use an Aramis non-ablative (no downtime) laser for textured (indented) stretch marks to improve how they feel.  We use q-switched lasers for dark stretch marks and pulsed dye lasers for red stretch marks.  So, the Answer is it depends.  

Check out examples of Los Angeles and Orange County before and after photos for our stretch mark patients.  

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Stretch Marks and Lasers

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Treating stretch marks are very difficult.  If your stretch marks are red then the V-Beam laser is preferred.  If the stretch marks are white then you would be best to have either the Fraxel or eMatrix to treat them, depending on your skin type.  Please find an experienced dermatologist for the best cosmetic results.

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