Does the Fraxel Dual Improve Pigmenation As Well As Improving Scars and Wrinkles?

I am looking for a laser that improves acne scars, but also improves the pigmenation as I think I have rosacea. I realise that IPL helps even the tone and fraxel helps with scarring. I can't really afford both, does the fraxel dual reduce the redness and patchiness as well as improve scars and wrinkles?

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Fraxel Dual laser is excellent for treating acne scars and wrinkles but will not treat Rosacea

Rosacea is red on your skin and Pigmentation is brown.  If you are looking to treat the sun damage and pigmentation surrounding it then the Fraxel Dual will do both amazingly well.  If you need treatment for the redness from Rosacea than you are best using the V-Beam laser to treat this condition.  There are many different lasers because not one laser can treat all skin conditions.  Decide which one bothers you more and treat that condition first.  You may be happy with the improvement from just the Fraxel Dual.

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Fraxel and Rosacea...

No.  Unfortunately, Fraxel Dual does not treat any redness in the skin, as in Rosacea.  Cutera's Limelight, Laser Genesis, or their new Excel V are excellent for Rosacea treatments.  Sorry.  Fraxel is a great choice for resurfacing and treating brown pigmentation's, like Melasma and sun damage.

Good luck.

Dr. Grant Stevens      

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Fraxel Dual Improves Brown Spots, Minor Wrinkles, Not Scars

Hi Graeme,

Fraxel Dual is effective at decreasing brown pigment, fine wrinkles, but does not treat deep enough into the skin to improve scars (unless they are very superficial, in which case they are likely to disappear on their own).  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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