Is the Fractional CO2 Done on the Entire Face or Only Specific Areas Like the Acne Scars?

I have acne scars and had just finished my 2nd fractional co2 laser. i realise my doctor only did portions of my skin, only parts where there are acne scars. she actually missed a few bits of little scar due the the little swelling effect of the numbing cream. now i'm thinking that maybe she limited the areas laser because i took this promotional packet (she just opened the place). i'm also wondering if it can get rid of large pore on my face and some black eye circles. she passed those areas.

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Fractional Laser for scars, full face

When patients come in for treatment, I always talk to them about expectations... In other words, "What is it that bothers you and what would you like to see as an end result" or "The benefit of lasering your full face is...".  That way you and I will be approaching your treatment in a holistic manner.  Scar therapy is tricky and may take several treatments to reduce the appearance.  They will not necessarily be "gone".  Yes, numbing cream can distort the skin, so pictures should have been taken ahead of time so the scars (if you are only doing spot treatment) can be easily deliniated.  Yes, fractional laser can refine large pores and make them less noticeable, but the laser by itself will not keep you skin refined.  You will need to use a program (medical) designed to make a physiological change in your tissue long term to support your laser investment.  Dark circles, depending on whether they are from vascularity or pigment may need a different approach.  If vascular, you need an ongoing treatment (home) that will help your body absorb the leaking blood molecules rather than them sitting under the fragile eye skin looking red-blue.  The laser may help reduce pigment under the eyes, but you will likely also need to use a hydroquinone perscription to assist the process.  In my office we typically treat the full face, concentrating on the areas of concern - scars, wrinkles, fine lines, pores etc.  This decreases the chance of pigmentary differences between the treated and non-treated areas.  I hope this helps!

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