What is the Best Option for Filling out the Midface Region? Not Looking for Dramatic Results.

I have a thin face, with cheek hollows that are fairly pronounced. It's not caused by aging, it's just genetics. I'm only in my twenties and not looking to make any dramatic changes. What fillers would be suitable to soften and slightly round out my face? I've read about sculptra and I like the natural results that it seem to go along with it. Are lumps a common side effect when fillers are used in the midface region? Am I too young for fillers? The picture isn't me but it's a good comparison.

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Sculptra is a choice mid-face option for creating more volume

Sculptra IS a good choice. Genetics play a part in how much fat and collagen we have and sometimes the lack of either can make us look gaunt.

Sculptra will cause a response that stimulates collagen so your outcome can look and feel very natural without looking like you had anything done. The fact that is works over time instead of instantly is to your advantage in that no one will be surprise by a "new you" at work on Monday.

Lumps used to be more common but are much rarer with improved injection techniques. Just look for someone who has lots of experience and can show you a variety or results they have gotten with their own patients.

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From your age and description, I think that Sculptra indeed would be your best option.  The results are very natural and should be the longest lasting especially in someone of your age.  The results take several weeks to a few months to be seen which gives a nice gradual improvement rather than a dramatic overnight change.  Filling cheek hollows with another filler would be a lot more expensive and the results more inconsistent.  Nodules from Sculptra have not been a problem in my practice.  Good luck.

Peter J. Jenkin, MD, FAAD
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Mid-face fill

My "go-to" filler for mid-face region is Radiesse. It has great longevity (10-12 months) and provides the most "bang-for-the buck".....simply put, you get much more volumizing for your money than other dermal fillers. I rarely, if ever use Restylane and never use Juvederm in the midface.....just doesn't provide the results or longevity that my patients have come to expect for mid-face volume. Another great option is Sculptra. You'll spend more up front and typically need 2-3 sessions, but will give you results that lasts 2-3 years. Find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area that has extensive experience in the use of these fillers. They should steer you in the right direction. You're not too young. Just do your homework and choose an experienced plastic surgeon. Good luck!

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