What is the Best Way for Dramatically Improving Vertical Breast Reduction Scar?

I desire to maintain a natural appearance- just enough lift to look 23 not 73. And camouflaged scars. I am very displeased with my breasts now, but am afraid an obvious scar to be equally ugly and depressing to me- not a happy tradeoff like they are for others. I know I should focus on shape, not scarring, in surgeons' after pics but am having trouble doing so without knowing my options for scar reduction beyond oils & mederma. Is permanent makeup on healed vertical scars a good idea? Lasers?

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Breast scar reduction

Scar partly dependent on your genetics, beyond surgeon or patient control.  Beyond that, technical quality of repair, tension free closure, post-surgical support, and in my opinion, taping to remove tension for eight to twelve weeks after procedure are most important.  

If you develop hypertrophic scar anyway, steroid injection, topical silicone sheeting, and surgical scar revision are the most powerful mitigating and corrective measures.

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