What is the Best Way for Me to Achieve a Smile Showing More Teeth? (photo)

This is the hardest that I can smile. I've always wanted a "toothier" smile, a smile that shows more teeth, because I think it's charismatic and more attractive. It doesn't seem to possible to force my grin any wider because of the extent my "smiling" muscles will go. Repositioning my teeth doesn't seem like an option either because the larger size of my teeth seem to take up most of the "frame". Any advice or insights would be much appreciated :)

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Smiles do show your teeth

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and you should be able to experience that as well.  Your complaint is somewhat unique and an evaluation by your doctor is mandatory.  There are procedures that can reduce the length of your upper lip and could help with more teeth show.  Find a board certified Plastic surgeon in your neighborhood and invest in a consult.  If you are not sure of what that doctor had to say, a second opinion may be warranted and there are many doctors who do provide complimentary consultations so take advantage of that and get as much information as you can.

To show more teeth while smiling ?

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As recommended by Dr Curtis Wong - Get consultations from board certified plastic surgeons.

One option is to reduce the size of the lips - but, this sometimes could show the teeth all the times.

Subramaniam Arumugam, MD
Chennai Plastic Surgeon

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