Can I Keep the Crease Under my Breast Once I've Had my Breast Augmentation?

My surgeon tells me I can't expect my natural crease under my breasts to remain once implants are in. He said the bigger I go, the less 'crease' there will be. I've told him I'm unhappy with this as I don't want my new breasts looking stuck on. I've fed 3 children and I'm slim. My breasts are smallish and since breast feeding have a bit of excess skin/hang - not badly, just a bit. Lets say I can hold a pencil under them. We've agreed to go with 300cc silicone moderate profile dual plane.

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Crease position after surgery

This depends a great deal on the shape and size of your breast and the position of the crease relative to the nipple.  Depending on the size implant, the crease may stay in its original position.  The shorter the distance from the nipple, the more likely the fold will have to be lowered or it will tend to lower by itself.  In general it is the skin between the nipple and the fold that stretches to accommodate the implant volume.

Thank you for your question.

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Loss of Crease after Augmentation?

Although it is possible to lose your natural crease or surgically lower the crease with surgery, if you have a natural, well placed crease that is appropriate for the implant chosen, your crease will tend to be in the same place post surgical as it was pre-surgical. It will take some time after your surgery for your breast to soften and appropriately fill your breasts, but with time it will happen and you will achieve the natural look your are seeking.

Jonathan Weiler, MD
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The crease shouldn't change much after breast implants

Thank you for your question. It sounds like you have made a lot of good choices regarding your surgery. The crease under your breasts shouldn't change much after breast augmentation surgery except that it may drop a little bit. Although breast implants may give you a slight lift and reduce the crease temporarily after surgery, it will probably not be changed much after everything has healed. Good luck with your surgery.

James McMahan, MD
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Natural Breast Shape and Implants

Just because a patient is having a breast augmentation does not mean that they are going to lose the natural charactersitics of their breasts.  Initially the breasts will feel rounder and firmer, as well as sit higher.  However, after three months, they will settle into the natural confines of the breasts themselves.  If a patient has a natural fold already, then they will continue to have a breast fold after surgery as long as the implant is not overly large.  Even in those cases, with time, the breasts will sit naturally.  I hope this helps.

Christopher V. Pelletiere, MD
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