What Are the Flesh Colored Flat Bumps Under my Skin After IPL? Will They Disappear?

Had IPL treatment 9 mos ago. My med spa followed it with an IPL/pixel combo 1 month ago. Now have skin crepiness, orange peel texture and large flesh colored, flat under the skin bumps (not millia). Went back to med spa and it said this was all part of the skin's healing process and shedding it's impurities. Meanwhile, I resemble a weathered old beach hag with warts under her skin. Is this part of the process? Will make skin miraculously look and feel better in 6 more mos as spa claims?

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Without photos of the area, it is difficult to evaluate.  I would recommend that you see a physician for follow-up.

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Flesh colored flat bumps under skin after IPL

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Do you have photos of this? I have to say my office has done over 150,000 IPL procedures and I cannot grasp what you are talking about. The results don't sound normal, or good, and I can't imagine what "shedding its impurities" means.

Bad Reaction to IPL?

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 Without photos, it is not possible to say if what you are experiencing is normal or not. What you describe would certainly be unusual following IPL. The Med Spa should be able to tell you specifically what is wrong and what to do about it. If there is no doctor on site that can do that for you, I would go to a physician supervised treatment facility.

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