What Would Be the Best Way to Fix my Forhead?

Just had this indentation on my forhead that runs down from the left of my forehead to the centre between my eyebrows.

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Fillers may help

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Fillers are usually used rather than Botox to raise indentations to make them more even with the rest of your skin. Botox may also help if this is caused by muscles. However, a physical exam would be required to determine if this would be effective or another treatment.

What Would Be the Best Way to Fix my Forehead?

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Botox is a great treatment to help soften the lines around the eyes and forehead, an evaluation would be best to see how strong your muscle movement is on the area to determine how many units you would benefit from

Dent in forehead

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If you have not used  Botox /Dysport /Xeomin in would use it to relax the muscles that border this. However, even after using these I sometimes see this groove. I would use restylane or belotero in this area sparingly. There is an artery under this area and compression can be dangerous so be careful who you have do this. There is risk even in the best of hands. 

Forehead fix

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Your picture isn't that clear, but by looking at it I'd say that your problem should be adequately addressed through the use of either Dysport or Botox to relax the muscles in the mid-brow that are causing that indentation and then "back-fill" with a dermal filler such as Radiesse or Restylane depending upon the thickness of your brow tissues. It's not a permanent fix, but will get you months of improvement. Find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area and he/she can evaluate and give their recommendation on the most reasonable and cost-effective approach to solve your problem.

Jonathan R. Fugo, DO
Newburgh Plastic Surgeon

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