Would Like a Third Round of Nose Surgery. How Should I Explain to My Doc? (photo)

in 2010 i had a surgery , which one had a bad result,then after one year i make another one to the same doctor,but my nose became more bad than those two times.My nose is going to the right ,and the doctor tells me he cannot do the surgery of deviation of the septum because the nose can change the sept in another direction. Now i have a thick top of my nose, a hanging columella and the nose is not straight. I want to do the third surgery, but i need to know how to explain to the doctor the method

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Revision nose surgery

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I can see what you want and what your issues are

You should see a revision rhinoplasty expert for a nose like this, Dr. Frankel in Beverly Hills is great for this type of procedure

You need more of a bridge, less of the supratip fullness and bringing up of the columella.  Straightening the nose starts with straightening of the septum.  This can also be taken care of at the same time.

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