Can I Do the Fat Transfer Procedure to Horizontal Neck Folds and Above the Collarbone? (photo)

I am in my mid twenties and no matter how much I gain or lose weight my neck is so skinny.. I have a hard time with good posture bc I hate showing my neck. It has 5 deep horizontal folds going down and my collarbone shows dramatically. I want to fill the center of the collar bone, the sides where it indents and also the horizontal folds. My neck looks so cut up and so tiny for my shoulders and body. Can do all of this with fat transfer? I would rather do something permanent than temp fillers.

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Fat transfer to the neck

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Dear Chelsxo,

  • You do not need a fat transfer for this, it won't really help your situation
  • The pic on the left shows you flexing your neck and everyone has folds when they do this
  • On the right it is hard to tell and appreciate the folds
  • If your posture is chronically poor, and you constantly have your head facing down, this will make the lines deeper over time
  • I understand that this can bother you, and I would add that no one pays that much attention to your neck lines, they are probably thinking about their own
  • in short, it would be better to work on your posture than to have fat injections...a proper posture is way more attractive than addressing the neck

Best regards,
Nima Shemirani

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Neck options

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You are very young and I think some options are available.  Of course let me start by saying, not seeing your entire face or knowing your weight, etc makes my opinion limited.

  • Surgery may be an option but, given your age this is probably not my first choice for you.
  • There is a device called "Exilis" that in the right hands will tighten your neck and smooth our the lines, it normally cost 400-600 per treatment.  The results we get are very impressive but, we do use very advanced techniques that someone who does not do as many may not know.  So do your research on this before spending the money, it is a new device on the market.
  • After doing the Exilis treatment I would apply "Nectifirm" by Revision.  Here's why it has the main ingredients that work on the skin, specifically: Ceramide, Glucosamine, and some lipopeptides.  What makes it even more impressive is that it contains some anti-oxidants like Vit C and E that will rejuvenate the skin.  The topical retinoids work well on this before the topical Nectifirm as it exfoliates and irritates the skin so the product penetratres better.
  • Skin tightening or a non-ablative fraxel laser would also work well, once again make sure you are in experienced hands.

Hope this helps, you will be fine and let me know if you require anymore information.

John Frodel, MD
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

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