Why Does the Fat Removed from Lipo Have to Be Processed Before Used in the Bbl?

I was told some dr. Process and purify the fat prior to using it in the bbl. I recently read of a DR. that does not. Is this unorthodox and is it safe? is processed fat more likely to stay in you body?

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Only healthy fat is used for Brazilian Butt Lift

Liposuction aspiration collects a mixture of healthy fat cells, injured and disrupted ones which looks like oil, and the tumescent fluid consisting of local anesthetic, epinephrine and sterile saline. Only live healthy cells will survive and so they must be isolated first from the general liposuction harvested fat material.The Fat Transfer Procedure involves harvesting by  liposuction with a small cannula, rinsing with sterile saline solution and reinectiing it (lipoinjection or fat transfer) through a very small cannula (fine metal tube - like a needle with a blunt end and side hole) through a needle stick opening. There are many variations such as use of a centrifuge, and using enriched growth cell factors or enriched stem cells but at present I have not found this to be of benefit.
Of MOST IMPORTANCE is the selection of a skilled plastic surgeon who is board certified and has experience in this technique. For example injecting the fat with a large cannula or not distributing the fat in a manner so it is interspersed between healthy native fat cells will result in decreased survival, and injecting it too close to the skin can result in nodules that can be visible

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Fat processing during Brazilian Butt Lift

During a Brazilian butt lift, fat is harvested from the donor sites via tumescent liposuction; During this process, some fat cells may die or "lyse" and become the consistency of oil; before injection, these non-viable cells are removed, along with the tumescent solution, lidocaine and epinephrine used during the harvest; after the purification process, we are left with healthy viable cells that are suitable for fat transfer.  If these impurities are not removed, there is a higher chance for fat necrosis or dead fat being transferred, leading to sub-optimal results

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