Will the Fat Injection in my Breasts That Hardened After 2yrs. Become Soft Again?

Will the fat transfered to my breasts, which hardened after 2 years, become soft again? My fat grafting doctor suggested to wait. However, since it interfered with the mammogram image, the recontruction surgeon recommend that I have the fibrous mass removed and replaced with a silicone implant. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you. -UT

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Mass After Fat Graftin

Two years after fat grafting it is unlikely that a hard mass will soften.  It likely represents fat necrosis, but this cannot be taken for granted. At a mimimun I would suggest further evaluation and testing by a breast surgeon to ensure that it is nothing more.  Whether you have to do anything from a reconstructive standpoint depends on what is left postop.  Discuss this matter further with your surgeon.  All the best.

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Hardening after fat transfer

Since routine mammography was difficult to interpret, then initially it would be reasonable and advisable to seek an MRI scan which is a more sensitive test to exclude more sinister causes of ' lumps in the breast'. A needle guided biopsy of the mass may also be advised and then excision.

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Will the Fat Injection in my Breasts That Hardened After 2yrs. Become Soft Again?

    This is always a concern with fat transfer to the breasts.  Fat necrosis can occur and produce hard areas that must be excised if large and persistent.  Given that the mammogram was difficult to read or obscured, I would follow the advice of the reconstructive surgeon and remove the fat necrosis.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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