Can the Fat in my Tummy Be Used for the Injections to Increase my Butt?

I am a mother and since my first baby in 1996 I began to get a fat tummy while my butt grows slim daily. I also have tiny legs and no fitings in all my dresses because of my ugly shape. Presently i dont have any pix Can the fat in my tummy be used for the injections and is there any side effects? Also, how long will the surgery take and the cost,and do I need to do some checkups after the surgery in the future? Kindly reply to my question because am very worried and anxious. Thank you.

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BBL from Tummy fat...

Yes! The BBL (brazillian buttlift) procedure typically uses the fat from your tummy to make your butt bigger. If you have extra skin in the tummy area, combining it with a tummy-tuck operation makes sense.


The cost varies ($6500-12,000) depending on a variety of factors.


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Buttock Augmentation Fat Transfer

The answer to your question is YES! This is a VERY popular, safe and great procedure to help improve the buttock shape and volume. This procedure involves major body liposuction with fat transferring to the buttocks. It is an entire body recontouring procedure and is one of our most popular cosmetic surgeries. The price range is from $8000 to $9000 and requires 2 to 3 weeks initial recovery with 6 to 8 weeks full recovery. Usually checkups are weekly for the first month then yearly thereafter. Patients who have buttock augmentation surgery are very happy with their results and entire body re-shaping.

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Tummy fat can be used for buttock augmentation

Yes, fat from your abdomen can be removed and used to rejuvenate your buttocks!  This is exactly what the Brazilian Butt Lift was designed for.  It is a surgical procedure using liposuction to remove and harvest fat from undesirable areas.  This same fat is then injected into the buttocks to improve volume and create nice curves.  How long the surgery will take and the cost of the procedure will vary based on your location in the country, the experience of your surgeon as well as on the amount of fullness you desire.  Some women opt to add on additional procedures which would also influence cost and surgical time.  You will meet with your surgeon for a few visits after the procedure to monitor your healing.  Because you are using your own fat, you will not require long-term followup.

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