Whats the Maximum Amount of Fat That Can Be Transferred To The Butt?

Whats the Most Fat That Can Go into Butt

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How Much Fat Can Be Transferred In The Brazilian Butt Lift?

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There is no definite limit to how much fat that can be grafted to the buttocks.  What I usually tell patients is the limit for them as an individual, ie; their situation. This includes the amount of fat they have that they would like to have removed from other areas as well as the current size of their buttocks and the tone of their skin.  If they don't have much fat to donate to their buttocks, then it can only be that much bigger.  If their buttocks skin is already tight, then it will limit how much additional fat can be injected there.   What is a limitation for one patient may not be a limitation for another.  If you look at the photos in my photogallery, you will see all different size and shapes of buttock's as well as different skin tones and various amounts of fat in other parts of the body that can be donated.  Everyone is different.

The maximal amount of fat that can be safely transferred depends on how big your existing butt is now

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When injecting fat (fat grafting), it is important to spread the fat evenly throughout the butt to ensure that all fat is distributed evenly so that it has access to surrounding normal tissues for oxygen and nutrients.  If a surgeon injects one huge lump of fat cells, the ones on the outside will survive because oxygen and nutrients can reach those cells, but the ones deep inside the lump will starve.

Thus a larger butt is able to accommodate more fat than a smaller butt.  A smaller butt can also have a huge amount of fat transferred but because of the reasons stated above, it's just like overfilling a cup, the excess will just be wasted.


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