What is the Failure Rate of Septoplasty for Someone Who Has Asthma?

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Septoplasty and asthma are two separate issues

Theoretically, asthma should have no affect on your septoplasty outcome. Asthma is a disease of the bronchi; however, if you are using that term to refer to allergic rhinitis, correction of a deviated septum may not alleviate your breathing issues. Both the medical aspect, including allergy management, and the surgical, structural aspect have to be taken into account.

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Shouldn't be related

Asthma shouldn't affect the success or failure of your septoplasty. However, asthma often is seen in allergic patients. If nasal allergies are not effectively treated, septoplasty may not improve your breathing. Make sure your surgeon has experience with functional nasl surgery. A double board certified facial plastic surgeon (ABFPRS and ABOto) will ensure your surgeon has experience and training in both functional and aesthetic nasal surgery.

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