the Eyebrows Not Symmetrical Any More After the Strabismus Surgery? (photo)

I had my strabismus surgery last week, and it was 70% success but I noticed that my left eyebrow little bit higher than the other one (i.e. the eyebrows not symmetrical any more). Is this permanent thing or it will recess by time? And is there any type of exercise that I can do to speed up the recess?

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The Eyebrows Not Symmetrical Any More After the Strabismus Surgery?

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Best to return to the eye surgeon who did Strabimus surgery. Also seek in person evaluation with a boarded eye surgeon. It is very important that the possibility of an injury to the VII facial nerve, frontal branch has occurred. But over the internet is not the place to diagnose this complication/injury. 

Moving the eye muscles is known to affect the position of the eyelids.

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This information is commonly part of the surgical consent for strabismus surgery.  However as you say you had surgery last week.  It is very likely that what you are looking at is just swelling.  I recommend patience.  Heal from this procedure and if the eyelid issue persists after 6 months, then and only then, it might be worth being concerned about what might be done for it.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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