What is the Best Eye Surgery for Me? (photo)

I've had dark circles/lines/bags under my eyes since I was very little. They are hereditary and I've tried every creamer I could get my hands on. I'm thinking about having surgery to get rid of them because I'm sick of the hours I spend in front of the mirror every morning to cover them. I'm 22 and my skin is much tighter than most people who get eye surgery, assuming most are older. My nationality is Brazilian, so that's where I get the medium - dark tan and birthmark (which I want to keep).

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Eyelid dark circles (bags)

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The dark circles are caused by the shadow from the fullness above the hollow area.  Filler injecting in the hollow areas should result in significant improvement.  Surgery (lower blepharoplasty with fat transposition) may be another option whereby the existing fullness (fat) is moved to lower position to fill the hollow area.  See an oculoplastic surgeon.

Dark lower eyelids

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Your posted photos show prominent lower eyelid muscles just below the eyelashes, no lower eyelid bags, a shadow below the muscle bulge, no visible tear trough and dark lower eyelid skin. Most of the darkness is skin pigmentation and/or visible muscle coloration through the skin. I am unaware of any surgery that would help that. Cover make up and topical treatment of the skin are your best options.

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What is the Best Eye Surgery for Me?

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 Aesthetically speaking, your eyes do not show evidence of eye bags.  There is increased pigmentation of the lower eyelid skin that may respond to local peels and skin care.  Hope this helps.

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There is hope!!

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There are some very good options for you.  Before you undergo surgery, I would recommend seeing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who also does skin care.  You can find someone close to you at the website below.


I'm in Ogden and would be glad to take a look at you if you're willing to make the drive.  If so, my contact info is here on Real Self.


Good luck!


Brian Brzowski, MD, FACS

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