Is the extended wings anatomical medium implant the wrong shape and/or size for my face? (photo)

The implant was placed 1 month and 1 week ago. It's appears to me too wide, and too long with dimples or horizontal dent in the front that makes it appear very flat. You can also see the shape of the implant when I smile. Should I remove? Revise? Just not sold on the shape/size. Any and all advice is appreciated.

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Right implant?

Depending on the manufacterer, the extended anatomical implant should have given a better transition with the lateral areas of the chin. You should wait 3-4 more months of time for things to settle in. If you are still unhappy then, consider a revision. You may need another style of implant. You had a prominent, although receeding, chin pad to begin with as seen in the front view.

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