What is the Expected Cost from the Dentist to Put Crowns, with a Bridge, on Two Implants?

I just had two implants placed (teeth 19 and 21; there was never a tooth in site 20). Next step is to have the "crowns" put on over teeth 19 and 21, also as part of that a bridge (over tooth 20). What is the expected cost for the entire process? (Already paid $4,500 for the implants; am now looking for the "next" costs from the dentist). Thanks!

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Cost for dental implants

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It depends on your area that you are in.  Normal costs in the Philadelphia area is about 2500 to restore the implants and 1500 for the missing tooth.  Total costs around 6500.



Cost to Resore Dental Implants With Abutments and Crowns

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Just like everyone else is telling you, it depends on where you are.  Here in Phoenix depending on the restoring doctor it will be in the $4500 to 6000 range. This include 2 abutments and the 3 unit bridge.  It also depends on whether custom abutments or stock abutments will be used.

Brian Dorfman, MD, DMD
Phoenix Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Implant crown

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In New York City, done by a prosthodontist (the specialist in implant, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry who undergo 3 years or more of training in this particular field) the cost will average: Each abutment $1000. Each crown $2100 Total cost: $8300. General/family/cosmetic dentists will typically be less expensive.

What Is The Cost for a Three Tooth Bridge on Two Implants?

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The costs and steps for the implant process can be confusing for patients. 

Here is a quick outline of the steps and costs:

  • Have the implant roots placed (in the Denver area-around $2000 for each implant)
  • After the healing phase, the cosmetic dentist will take the impressions. They will have the lab make two different components-one the posts that connect to the implants (the "abutments"). The cost can vary from $600-1000. 
  • The second component is the bridge (in this case-otherwise if just one tooth, then it's a crown). These are around $1200-1500 each in Denver when done by a skkilled implant dentist. 
  • We are using a lot of non-metal (all-ceramic) replacements now, so that is often an option.

In my opinion, a good implant dentist will tell you ALL of the predicted costs and the approximate timing that each step will happen, so there are no surprises on either how long it takes until you actually have the teeth in there again, nor what the total costs are.

Implants truly are revolutionary and can last a lifetime. It can be a very worthwhile investment, and often times is a key to helping save other neighboring teeth.

Cost of PFM bridge on implants

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Depending on the qualification of the dentist, complexity of the case and the area. Usually the cost of the abutments (you will require 2 - in sites 19, 21) can be $450-600 and 3 unit PFM bridge 19-21 with pontic in site 20 can be $900-1200 per unit. This usually depends upon the type of metal used (noble to high noble- that is mostly recommended) and quality of the dental lab. So the complete restoration of 2 abutments and the bridge can be $3600-4800.

Cost to Restore implants

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Costs will vary from dentist to dentist.  First question you want to ask is if he is using standard (pre-fabricated) or custom made case abutments.  Generally the former are cheaper.  The latter are more expensive, but usually work better in most cases.  Look up in google images "pre-fabricated implant abutment" and "custom implant abutment".  This will help you understand the difference.  I use custom abutments 98% of the time - they allow the lab to make a better fitting more anatomical prosthesis on top of them which is more likely to feel natural and less likely to get food material caught.  Again prefab or stock abutments are 1/3 to 1/5 the cost of custom abutments so ask your dentist what he plans to use.  A fair cost for prefab abutments is 500-600.  Custom abutments are worth as much as 1500 each depending on the quality of them and the materials used (often gold is the material of choice).  The crowns on top depend on the quality of the lab the dentist uses.  Crappy crowns are made overseas typically cost very little and have porr fit and esthetics.  Good crowns made here in the US have a lab fee 3 to 10 times as much.  Ask to see examples of the dentists work.  Average crowns are worth 800 a peice (3x800)  good ones are worth 2,000 each.  Your dentist should be willing to show you high quality pictures of his (and his lab's) work.  Also there should be a warranty with higher end work.  I warranty all mine.  Hope this is helpful and not too confusing.  But price ultimately depends on location and quality.

Implant Crown / Bridge Costs

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Replacing 3 teeth on 2 implants will need 2 abutments to connect to the implants, and 3 crowns connected in the bridge.  @ $1000/ crown and $8-900 per abutment looks like $5600-$5800 here in Texas.

Justin Mund, DDS
Fort Worth Dentist

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