Will the Excel V-Beam Work As Good As Fraxel to Eliminate Wrinkles and Tighten?

A very reputable derm/cos surgeon recommended V-Beam over Fraxel for me? I'm 38 and starting to show some signs of aging, fine lines, and I'd also like to tighten my skin. I also have a couple of small broken capillaries under my nose. Another doc had recommended a series of Fraxel treatments for me. This doctor recommended 4-series of the Excel V laser treatments. He said that my skin is sensitive and that Fraxel can cause acne? Does V-Beam work as good as Fraxel for what I'm seeking?

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V-beam and fraxel

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V-beam is best used for redness and dilated blood vessels. Fraxel is best for resurfacing. So it all depends on what you want. Before you start with lasers, you may want to consider using a retinoid. There are other ways of making your skin look better.

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