I just had splints removed, 14 days post op & my son just hit my nose hard, should I go to the ER?

My son hit my nose very hard this morning by accident… My daughter and I think maybe it looks slightly shifted but I really can't tell. When I called my doctors office to try to get in quick so he could take a look at it, the answering machine said they are closed until Monday. Thinking maybe that will be too long to wait. I could go to the ER but that seems silly if I am wrong. Any thoughts? Thank you. Tara

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Only your doctor can make the diagnosis if there is any shift of the bones. ER visit, and x-ray will show broken bones due to surgery and will refer you to your doctor. If it is a real emergency then see the doctor covering for your surgeon or the ER

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Appropriate evaluation after sustaining trauma post-rhinoplasty

Your surgeon is the best person to evaluate your nose after this kind of accident. Even if you sustained a nasal bone fracture, they will still be mobile for 7-10 days and your surgeon will be able to address them.

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