What Would the Effects Be for a Person Who Had Raynauds?

Hi that is what I would like to know. I have Raynauds which can make me cold already. Is it alright to do this procedure because it is cold?

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CoolSculpting and Raynauds

At this time, Zeltiq indicates that a history of Raynaud's could be a contraindication to having CoolSculpting. Realize that patients with Raynaud's were not tested in the FDA trials but when a company makes an application to the FDA for clearance of a device, they propose theoretically those conditions in which there may be a problem.  Since Raynads involves circulation problems of the fingers and toes with cold temperatures there may be a problem. However, there is no evidence that cooling the abdomen will cool the circulation of the fingers and toes.  There may be people who have Raynauds that also have other connective tissue diseases such as dermatomyositis or scleroderma and possibly those conditions could present problems.  Other diseases such as cryoglobulinemia and cold urticaria may prevent patients from having CoolSculpting.

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Raynauds Disease and CoolSculpting

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There are not many contraindications for having CoolSculpting performed BUT Raynauds Disease is one of them.  I would not recommend getting this treatment if you have Raynauds. 

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Raynauds and Coolsculpting

There is a relative contraindication of treating a patient with a history of Raynauds and Coolsculpting. It is relative as it is theoretical that pain and changes consistent with Raynauds may be precipitated by cool temperatures on the treated skin. We do not treat people in our practice with Coolsculpting if they have Raynauds.

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