What is the Most Effective Teeth Lightening Product?

What is the most effective teeth lightening product we have?

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The best teeth whitening possible

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Over the years it has become known that the In-Office teeth whitening systems are best for instant results. If you have an upcoming wedding or other event, these treatments are the best way to go.

For long term results that will keep you smiling, we have found that a combination of the in office methods like Boost or Zoom COMBINED with custom trays to touch-up at home are the answer.

Usually offices will give you a combination "deal". So they may charge $399.00 for the inoffice and $299.00 for custom trays with gel. Then give you a deal if you purchase both. Watch for specials online and see your offices facebook page or website for specials.

Natick Dentist

Best Tooth whitening system

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THe best tooth whitening system available depends on the color of your teeth.  If you have teeth that are dark or stained the best product would probably be KoR Deep bleaching.  If you have lighter teeth than Zoom may be a good option. 

What is the Best Whitening System?

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All whitening systems have their advantages and disadvantages.  I have used many systems over the years and have found the Zoom AP system to be superior to all of them.  The results are great and the system is fast.  Be aware that many times there can be sensitivity "zingers" for 8-10 hours following the procedure.  A fluoride treatment is given following the procedure to keep this to a minimum, but sensitivity does sometimes still occur.  

The Best Teeth Whitening System for you

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There are many many teeth whitiening products and procedures done in dental offices now. Before doing whitening you should look at the color of your teeth, your age and your expectations of how white you want them and how much you are willing to pay and the time you want to spend on whitening. All of these factor in to how happy you will be with your smile at the end of the day.  We do Zoom, Rockstar Whitening and Kor Whitening. Kor is one of the newest out and one of the most expensive. You will be out of pocket at least $1000 for this but it can whiten anyones teeth to the shade they have always wanted.  You can also spend less money and use take home whitening trays from your dentist.  It works well but it is more time consuming for the patient.  The decision is yours and find a cosmetic dentist who uses more than one whitening system

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

Whitest teeth come from a process and not a product

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All products work to various degrees, but by combining several products , as in the KoR method, teeth get as white as possible. Each process has it's own benefits and drawbacks, so find an office that is experienced in many.

KOR is the Most Effective Lightening Product

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There are many ways to whiten your smile.  From the simple; like Crest whitening Strips or Tres White Trays (from Opalescence) to Custom Whitening trays, In-0ffice treatments like Boost and ZOOM to the most complex like KOR Deep bleaching, each has a up side and a down side.  How dark your teeth are, what other dentistry you have, how committed you are to getting a white smile as well as what are reasonable expectations are important questions to ask. Find a dentist in your area that can help guide you-Call and ask the office if they do a lot of whitening and what they recommend.  Much success in getting the smile you want-

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

What is the best teeth whitening sysytem?

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I can only give you an answer based on our experience in our office, and with our patients.

For stained and yellow teeth,  the best Professional Whitening Product is KOR Whitening.  If your teeth are not too stubborn to whiten then Zoom II is the most effective one.

As far as over the counter products , I have no comments, simply because I have absolutely  no control on the compliance of patients for any system that they use at home.

Good luck.


Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

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