The 3 Dr. S's in Florida - Dr. Soto, Dr. Salama & Dr. Salzhauer

I'am very interested in getting a BBL, I plan to travel to FL to have a consultation but I' am wondering which of the Dr. S's do you recommend; Dr. Soto, Dr. Salama, or Dr. Salzhauer??? Help!!! From my research these are the top 3...I've heard of Dr. Mendieta as well but I understood he is expensive!

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Choose a board certified plastic surgeon with experience

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I recommend choosing a plastic surgeon who is certified  by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who operates in a fully accredited facility. Dr.Mendieta is very well know for this procedure and has written books and lectures on the topic at plastic surgery meetings. Cost should not be a major factor in your decision making process. Choose the surgeon you are most comfortable with. Best wishes


3 Dr. S's in Florida - Dr. Soto, Dr. Salama & Dr. Salzhauer

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You will be in good hands with any of those 3 as well as with Dr. Mendieta. I practice in South Florida as well, and would welcome you in for a free private consultation. Consult with 3 - 4 surgeons to explore your options.

Brazilian butt lift in Miami

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There's a Dr. P and Miami that's pretty impressive. Liposuction and fat injection is the most common procedure that he does. He thinks that the curve is the most important thing in a woman's figure. He also thinks skin contracts and will do a liposuction and fat injection in patients than most plastic surgeons think have to have tummy tuck. He believes that the key to a successful liposuction and fat injection is making a narrow waist. Narrow waist makes the buttocks look better. The other thing that he believes is that the liposuction probably plays as an important role or maybe a more important role than the fat injection. This is because when you do a good liposuction and take away storage areas for fat from the abdomen, waist and back and buttocks, becomes the next storage place for fat thus the liposuction actually makes the buttocks bigger by itself.Look at his profile and website for before-and-after photographs of the Brazilian butt lift and see how they compare to those S doctors.

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