What is the downtime if I get a tummy tuck and fat transfer to the buttocks at the same time?

What is the estimated cost for the combo surgery procedure? What is the difference between a Brazilian butt lift versus a fat transfer to your buttocks?

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Tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift

As has been stated here, it is probably not a good idea to combine these procedures in the same operation. When you perform a tummy tuck, the patient has to remain on her back or sides after the incision is closed. When you perform a BBL, the patient has to remain on her FRONT or sides after the fat is transferred. Since it is basically not possible to close a tummy tuck and transfer fat to the buttocks simultaneously (the patient has to be repositioned from one to the other), there is a risk of disrupting the abdominal incision (if done first) in turning the patient, or smashing the fat grafted into the buttock (or contaminating the injection sites) by laying the patient on her back after fat grating. Also, you often want to use fat taken from the front to graft to the buttock.

My preferred approach for someone looking for both procedures is to do the liposuction and fat grafting first so we can use the fat in the part of the abdomen that would otherwise be thrown away in a tummy tuck (the lower abdominal fat pannus) along with fat from the flanks and back, and do the BBL first. Then the patient can return in a few months (3-6) for the tummy tuck to tighten the abdominal muscle and remove the excess skin. This has the advantage of not compromising healing of either site, allowing the patient some comfortable sleeping position(s) postop, and using all the "usable" fat. It has the disadvantage of requiring two operations and a period in between where the lower abdominal skin does not look good because it has been defatted. The end result of this approach, however, is a much more comprehensive rejuvenation done with a safer approach, in my opinion.

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Do not recommend tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift at the same time

I do not recommend a full tt and  fat grafting at the same time, however in the right patient I have performed mini abdominoplasty and bbl together.
when you have a tt you need to be on your back preferably, but you could be on your sides, when you have a bbl you need to be on your abdomen, but again you can be on your sides, however discomfort will be significant and if fat was placed in your lateral hips or gluteos, you will be compromising survival of the fat cells.
Like for any surgery, the physiological basis of wound healing need three weeks of no significant activity, if the lipo sculpture is perform by itself, you can probably be able to do light activities after one week but you can not place pressure on your gluteos for an average of 4weeks.
be sure you see a member of the American society for aesthetic plastic surgery, that will assure you of the qualifications of your surgeon

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You will need at least two weeks off from work.  The combination will probably cost more than 10K depending on the lipo involved and type of tummy tuck, you would really need a consultation to get an accurate estimate.  The Brazilian butt lift vs fat grafting to the buttocks is just a name difference the procedures are the same, regardless of the geographic location ;)

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